Supercharge Your Website With Google Analytics To Improve User Flow and Generate More Sales

After 17 years of making websites, and always using Google Analytics to optimize them and track everything, I have come to understand the true power of Google Analytics and with my product you will soon understand it's power also.  Learn how to use Google Analytics to generate more leads, and in turn more conversions.

What's the big deal with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is free

If you have a social media account, or a website, Google Analytics is offered for free by Google, and can be very beneficial to you if you know how to use it right.

Learn where your visitors are coming from.

With Google Analytics, you can track where your visitors are coming from.  When you know where your visitors are coming from, you can create a campaign that will produce more results.

Learn what your visitors are clicking on the most.

Learn what the people surfing your website are clicking on the most.  


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Doren Lemons

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Let's see... before ​I graduated from Hunter College University. My entrepreneurial journey started in 2000.  ​ I went from offline business​ market ecommerce to affiliate niche sites. Went from​ being hungry and desperate to well-fed and successful full scale Seo Consultant Agency.

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Sales Manager


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 Michael Drennon

SEO Consultant/Internet Marketer


Doren Lemons have been my coach and business partner for years. Seo Big Boy helped me create my online business together from scratch. I have no doubt's Doren Lemons is a Seo beast!!    Any questions , any new ideas he's there to help you put it together. I'm proud to be a partner of Seo Big Boy! 

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